In the year 2013, we got together and started a charity of our own by using our popularity on social media, called Charpoka. Our purpose was to inspire ordinary people to solve various social problems and stand beside the disadvantaged people. Since we had no financial resources, after a year we launched a web magazine called Charpoka Magazine. From this magazine, we are slowly moving towards our charitable causes…

Project Charpoka

  • Charpoka Magazine
  • Charpoka Blood Bank
  • ঢাকা বাঁচাও – Save Dhaka

Charpoka Magazine

Charpoka Magazine was established in 2014 as the first web magazine in Bangladesh which is currently the second largest content hub in the country. ‘CHARPOKA’ is a popular name for Bangladeshi netizens due to the publication of quality and informative contents in Bengali in line with international web magazines like BuzzFeed, Wired, Insider etc. Charpoka Magazine promotes Bangladeshi Cinema also.

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Charpoka Blood Bank

Charpoka Blood Bank was inaugurated in 2016. It has the largest database of blood donors and it aimed to build 2 million blood donors database by 2020. We donates a part of the earning from Charpoka Magazine to run the Charpoka Blood Bank. It has an android app which is available on Google play store. Five thousand volunteers and ten thousand registered donors are operating our app to raise hundreds of bags of blood everyday. Also people can directly call for a blood donor through our app anytime.

Through its app-based services, it has been possible to raise more than 500 blood donors daily for ongoing dengue disaster (2019). Detailed reports have been published about our blood bank in various national newspapers also.

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ঢাকা বাঁচাও – Save Dhaka

Project Save Dhaka is working to control the pollution and discrepancies of Dhaka city. We are building awareness through leaflets and campaigns among people about road crossing, using dustbins, maintaining traffic rules, public safety etc. As people here are emotional, We are trying to convince them emotionally to maintain city rules and regulations.

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